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Overall Rating ZoogTV VPN is an Isle of Man based VPN service that offers blazing fast VPN speed ideal for unblocking geo­restricted online streaming services from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now and file sharing.

ZoogTV VPN is an Isle of Man based VPN service that offers blazing fast VPN speed ideal for unblocking geo­restricted online streaming services from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now and file sharing. ZoogTV VPN also provides military grade encrypted VPN tunnel for strong privacy and security online. ZoogTV VPN has also developed OpenVPN obfuscation techniques in order to bypass strong censorship in the countries like China, Iran, Turkey and others. Zoog TV VPN has an extensive coverage globally and its servers are located in United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands and Sweden.

Pricing Plans:

The pricing model of ZoogTV VPN is based on 3 VPN packages which are available for upgrade on top of the Free VPN Plan which users sign up to as standard. Packages include US VPN, UK VPN and Global VPN, and come with different duration such as 12 months, 6 months and 1 month. The price plan is very competitive as well as reasonable such as US Annual Plan starts from $3 per month and a single Global VPN Annual Plan starts from $4.68 per month.

ZoogTV VPN offers a 2GB usage, which is among the highest in the VPN industry and is ideal for users as an introductory plan to trial out the service before purchasing a premium plan. ZoogTV accepts payments from many debit and credit cards such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard, as well as Paypal.

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Speed Performance Test:

We as experts performed VPN speed test which resulted in ping without VPN connection as 21ms, download speed was 29.90Mbps and upload speed was 5.12 Mbps.

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When we connected with US VPN server with ZoogTV VPN, ping was 112ms, download speed was 27.45mbps and upload speed was 2.44 Mbps.

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When we connected with UK VPN server with ZoogTV VPN, ping was 15ms, download speed was 28.35 Mbps and upload speed was 2.93 Mbps.

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Privacy and Security:

ZoogTV VPN offers AES­128­CBC (OpenVPN) for traffic encryption, 1024 bit RSA keys for the key exchange and SHA­256 as HMAC to protect user’s online activities.

ZoogTV VPN is using both 128bit and 256bit encryption optimized offering both a VPN optimized for high speed and an option for added security. This applies to OpenVPN, PPTP and IPSec/L2TP protocols.

They deliver consistent and reliable service while having zero log policy. They also offer best torrent vpn for downloads as well as P2P/file sharing on Canada, Netherlands, Singapore and Sweden servers.


ZoogTV website is well designed, updated regularly and contains all the necessary information. They update their blog on regular basis which with information on how to watch your favorite TV shows, how to protect your information and how to maintain privacy online. Furthermore, they have a separate page containing the most popular online services (including US and UK streaming services) and a Help Center section with useful information.

Customer Support:

ZoogTV VPN is over 2 years old and as a result they don’t yet offer telephone/chat support feature, however their customer support is 24/7 and is very efficient. They have a detailed VPN Setup Wizard and FAQ section on their website which is easy to follow. They give prompt reply, although they have mentioned that reply can take more than 24 hours depending on the urgency. They reply in a very polite manner which is also detailed and answers the query well.


ZoogTV VPN also supports Mac OSX, Android and iOS, so that multiple devices can stream simultaneously and easily. The speed for all supported devices is fast and stable to allow streaming of online services.


Although ZoogTV VPN is a relatively young company, they managed to deliver faster VPN speeds without any issues which delivers on their promise. They are also one of the few providers who still offer access to Hulu and Hulu Plus without being blocked, and while connected for long time, it did not cause any problems or issues. Furthermore, they also offer a good alternative for China VPN (currently on Mac OSX only) which allows users to bypass the Great Chinese Firewall despite the government's ban on VPNs.

In conclusion, we would recommend using ZoogTV VPN if you want quality VPN at affordable prices, especially for accessing US and UK streaming services from around the world. Besides, signing up to a Free Plan won’t cost you a dime and is risk free.


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