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Overall Rating UnblockVPN is one of the dedicated vpn service provider whose main goal is to offer vpn service to the users at low market price of $4.99/month.

UnblockVPN is one of the dedicated vpn service provider whose main goal is to offer vpn service to the users at low market price of $4.99/month. It has been providing its services since 2008. Currently, it can maintain more than 100,000 vpn accounts globally. It has 7 years’ experience in providing vpn services and its solutions. It has 18 servers which are located in 7 countries globally. The countries are: 2 vpn servers in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Netherlands, Israel and 6 servers in US and UK.

Pricing Plans:

UnblockVPN provides two kind of vpn services according to price Static IP $9.99 per month and Dynamic IP $4.99 per month.

pricing plan

Money Back Guarantee:

It offers a 3 days money back guarantee to its users. They also offer a 3 days trial program for the customer so that they can test the service before buying. Although this time is not enough to judge the vpn service, but, it helps in deciding to go for the service.

Multiple Connections:

It also offers 3 secured connections creating a great value for money and protection of the users’ security.


UnblockVPN has many servers in 18 different locations and most of them are located in UK and US along with other countries as mentioned above. This is easier for people who travel more as they can benefit from the server location in different countries.

Unblock features

Data Logging:

The main reason for using a vpn is to become secure by protecting privacy. Users want to become anonymous so their online activities cannot be monitored. The activity logs are not kept and neither any activity is monitored.

Customer Support:

The customer support is provided through email, live/online chat and FAQs. There is a detailed discussion about the use if unblockVPN and how it can be used.


UnblockVPN has an unlimited bandwidth and they are well aware of maintaining the users connection and keep the speed on a normal rate.

Reseller Program:

One of the unique and special features of UnblockVPN is white label reseller program where users can resell UnblockVPN services to its customers under their own brand. In return the reseller can buy VPN services at discounted prices. For more information see Unblock Reseller Program


  • Monthly rates are low
  • Fast connection speed
  • Supports multiple connections
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No data log policy
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Compatibility with many operating systems
  • White label reseller program


  • Less server locations
  • No toll free number
  • No referral program
  • Conclusion:

    UnblockVPN makes internet use easy by providing solutions for anonymous browsing. It is also compatible to many devices such as android and iOS. It also provides multiple payment options which differentiate it from other vpn providers in the industry. The key features need improvement such as number of VPN servers or customer support. These features can help in improving the reputation even further.


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