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Customer Service
Overall Rating If you are searching for an easy and reasonable VPN provider, Kepard is worth considering, Kepard plans consist of monthly, quarterly, and plans that are yearly.

Kepard is a rather little Moldovan VPN company that provides a modest service for a price. It stands apart however thanks to stylish execution and some custom software that is great. Mac and/iPhone Windows and Android os users will appreciate some of the most user friendly VPN software we have yet come across.

If you are searching for an easy and reasonable VPN provider, Kepard is worth considering. Operating out of Moldova, the smaller European VPN service provider has a significant coverage of important server locations to service the needs of most users. The pricing is very competitive, making Kepard a very popular choice since introducing back in 2012. The website design clean and also the whole registration and setup was fast and simple. Nicely created software matched with good support made for an excellent general experience. We didn't find any bugs or drops across our first week testing the solution.


Kepard allows you to connect two different connections simultaneously as an extra layer of privacy. The software design and interface was pleasing to your attention, well though away and simple to configure between PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. Available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS and we hope to see them develop the program for many platforms into the future that is near. For now, all other users can decide for OpenVPN and other manual configurations, so we say it over and over, OpenVPN is more than sufficient and effortless to use in those needed situations. Additionally, it’s extremely secure, so for Apple users, there isn't any good explanation not to ever think about the service at this time.

Users of Kepard have access to 9 servers, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Germany, Netherland, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain. Customers can switch from sever to server at no additional cost and this is a feature which many VPN service providers do not provide.

kepard features


Kepard VPN offers three various pricing plans, just like any other VPN service. The three plans consist of monthly, quarterly, and yearly plan.

  • Monthly plan at $7
  • Quarterly 3 months plan at $17 ($5.7/monthly save 19%)
  • Yearly plan at $35 ( $2.9/monthly save 60% )
kepard pricing

The Kepard comes with a big discount offer for a yearly plan package. We found Kepard prices become reasonable and reduced compared to other VPN providers. The yearly plan gives the best value for saving money and the price reduces from $7 to $2.92 monthly which is highly affordable.

Supported Devices:

Kepard is supported by most of the popular devices, such as iPads, iPhone and Android based devices. As long as the operating-system is capable of supporting the protocols utilized by Kepard, the VPN service will be supported.

This VPN software is very exclusive just plug and play based platform. The application supports applications such as Safari, Firefox, IE, Opera and many more.

This software is compatible with all the leading operating system it includes, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. Customers have now been reporting that the software will help applications across all the leading operating system.

Kepard website:

The website looks great and it is easy to navigate. Kepard is clearly proud of its Android software, as the small green robot gets pride of put on the Home page. The internet site otherwise has only a limited quantity of data available, partly in the form of a FAQ that is short but offered the no frills nature of the solution this lack of information does not trouble us too much. Kepard is keen to advertise its Affiliate program, offering between 40% to 100% commission on sales. There is also Blog page dealing mainly with Kepard’s own doings, but this will be updated just each month.

Customer support is only via a ticketed e-mail system, but when we made an inquiry we were answered within moments so although basic, it does look like quite efficient.

Speed Test:

Our expert performed a Kepard VPN performance test through by connected with different servers.

Here our expert connected with the US server and get the following results in below given screen shot.

kepard speed test

In the second image, we connected with the UK server and find the following results.

kepard speed test

While we connected with the US server so download was 10.99 mbps and upload speed was around 1.84 Mbps and on the other side when we connected with the UK server so download speed increased from 10.99 Mbps to 25.69 Mbps and we saw a good raised in uploading speed around 3.26 Mbps, while surfing Netflix and Hulu results were admirable.

Due to quality Kepard VPN service it is listed with the fast vpn service as well as it is recommended for using best vpn service in Canada, UK and USA.

Easy To Use And Setup VPN With In A Minute:

You can have a Kepard VPN setup with in a minutes for your conveninence our experts created a steps for you, Important Note: this process is tested on a free trial.

Step 1:

Once you buy the Kepard subscription you will receive an email based on go to Kepard Cpanel and enter your email address and password then login

kepard speed test
Step 2:

Now simply click on "free download".

kepard speed test
Step 3:

Now choose the device which you are interested to connect your VPN service.

kepard speed test
Step 4:

Agree with the terms and click the install

kepard speed test
Step 5:

Click on Finish

kepard speed test
Step 6:

Now enter your email address and password, by default its connect you with any nearest secured VPN server but if you want to select another country VPN server simply disconnect and choose another desired server then reconnect.

kepard speed test

Payment methods:

Kepard offer two types of payment method Paypal and credit card, credit card includes the following modes such as Master card, Visa Card, Discover, AMEX. These are the most common payment method which is used by almost every VPN provider.

Kepard will be adding some other form of payments in near future such as Payment Wall and Bitcoin to make the payment anonymously.

Free trial:

Kepard provides 1 day free trial limited to 400Mb of traffic per day upon registering for the service. The trial offer doesn’t require any credit card or other banking information, you can increase the free trial time duration through refferal program.

Referral inviting friends on joining Kepard services grants you free 30 days. A total of 6 invitations can be send through the program (hence 180 days).

kepard free trial

Customer Support:

Kepard offers 24 hours a day support via a client ticket support system. Users can submit a relevant question or problem by submitting a ticket. The support team will track the ticket and respond quick answer with complete solution.

In the meantime, the Kepard website contains helpful material such as manuals, tutorials, and frequently asked questions that are very good to use when troubleshooting problems.


We most liked about Kepard is, its allow torrenting vpn & P2P file sharing only on NL server, easy to use software, offer 128 bit encryption level, very friendly and stylish apps and lastly Kepard offer consistent and fast speed connection which is quite amazing and we never had this experience before.


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