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Overall Summary of IWasel.com

$ 9.99
Overall Summary of IWasel.com












            • Easy installation, Just a setup and you are good to go
            • Compatible with all hand devices and cellphones.
            • WIFI / HOTSPOT Protection.
            • Trusted and reliable VPN Solution for private and business use.
            • No logging policy, Privacy guaranteed.


            • Don’t list the accurate number of servers.


            iwasel vpn review


            Company introduction:

            If you are concerned about your internet privacy and security and want to decide the most reliable vpn then Iwasel must be your choice. It helps to browse data securely and privately by making the user anonymous. They keep the service secure by assigning a new IP address to the users.


            Pricing Plan and Payment Method

            They have different plans for pricing and users have more options to select from

            • For 1 month, $9.99
            • For 3 months, $27.00
            • For 1 year, $90
            • For 6 months, $50.00

            iwasel pricing

            They also offer different payment method such as Paypal, credit card, Western Union, Bitcon and many others.


            Iwasel is compatible with many devices such as android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux. The installation guide is simple which you can easily follow on their website. they have android and iOS app which users can download.

            iwasel downloads


            Iwasel has many servers located in different regions around the world. They have servers in UK, America, Canada, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, France, China and Netherland. L2TP and Open VPN both are supported by vpn. They have not mentioned the number of IP addresses as a result of which users can be confused about selecting their vpn service.

            No logging Policy:

            Iwasel also keeps no logs and they guarantee the privacy of their users. This is one of the most prominent feature of their vpn service.

            Customer Support

            They have a good customer support which include live chat, news, and FAQs. The guidelines about the use and installation are very clearly mentioned. The FAQs also discusses general problems and their solution whereas, the news discuss the latest information about vpn and their use. The live chat support also provide quick response to the users.

            iwasel customer support


            • Compatibility with many devices
            • No logging policy supports strict privacy
            • Access to a GLOBAL NETWORK of VPN Servers.
            • WIFI / HOTSPOT Protection.


            • Don’t list the accurate number of servers


            Iwasel is a good choice for the users who want to buy vpn service which is fast and keeps the security and privacy. We recommend you to buy Iwasel as they provide great service for the users.


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