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The e-Sport industry generates billions of dollars and the popularity of games such as World of Warcraft or Call of Duty is undeniable. However, the same dangers that affect any online activity such as piracy or geo restrictions, can also occur when you play your favorite game. Investing in a VPN for gamer and online gaming gives you additional security benefits that a firewall or an antivirus does not offer. We will explain why you need a fastest VPN for gaming!

The increase in popularity of electronic sports and competitive games has considerably increased the amount of dirty tactics used by players. One of the dirty tactics that has spread is the use of DDOS attacks on the game server by someone who is on the side of the losers.

In addition, hackers can access more sensitive information belonging to someone who is connected with online games. A few examples of this could be the piracy of World of Warcraft accounts, or worse, theft of the credit card information you used to sign up for the games! Using a VPN can greatly reduce your chances of being hacked while you play online.

Another problem that some gamers encounter with online gaming is the blocking of ports used by certain games. A good example would be a workplace, school or hotel closing certain ports that are used to access World of Warcraft (usually TCP and UDP ports). Using a VPN allows you to bypass these blockages and enjoy a game wherever you are.

Top 3 Fastest VPNs for Gaming

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When it comes to gaming, ExpressVPN does not lag behind in any means. Just like it offers best service for streaming and other services, ExpressVPN is also one of the fastest VPNs for gaming. The VPN not only offers specialized SmartDNS services for console gamers, but its fastest network also gives amazing gaming experience to gamers located in various regions. The DDOS and encryption is also a plus, along with the fact that the large network with low-load servers assist in keeping better ping times and lags very less while connecting to the servers located in far places.
Moreover, ExpressVPN uses a tier-1 network which enables it maintain a reasonable response time for even the most hardcore FPS gamers. The ExpressVPN routers are especially expedient for games through which users can get much faster connection that with any other traditional VPN.

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The popular proxy service, Hide My Ass! is also one of the fastest VPNs for gaming. Hide My Ass! Pro is an advanced but easy-to-use application that encrypts all anonymous forms of your Internet connection. A very convenient feature offered by HMA is the ability to test the speed of multiple servers before establishing a connection. This allows you to find the fastest network for your needs without having to waste time testing server by server. It is also possible to switch between servers without effort and without losing security. You can almost always find a fast server in the location of your preference. This provider is ideal for those looking for fastest VPN for gaming.
HideMyAss also offers multiple VPN protocols such as PPTP, OpenVPN-UDP, OpenVPN-TCP, and L2TP/IPsec. It gives users the choice to select the best one for gaming needs.

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VyprVPN is another fastest VPN for gaming as it is also with a huge private tier-1 network. The VPN also claims to have the fastest servers and gamers which cater to the gamers all around the world. They claim to have the best ping time for online game server locations. To make it more reliable, it is wise to tell that Roughnex ESports Organization has teamed up with the VPN, hence making them their official esports competitions providers, as they needed a solution against DDos attacks esports events and have found one in the name of VyprVPN.

There are several threats faced by the gamers around the world, DDoS being the most notable. VPN service provide many advantages to serious gamers in this regard. It does not only offer security, but also provide better internet speed, hence improving the whole gaming experience.

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