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Overall Rating ExpressVPN is often regarded as the one of the best VPN services on the market, and for good reason.

ExpressVPN is often regarded as the one of the best VPN services on the market, and for good reason. While most VPN providers focus on specific features to differentiate themselves from the competition, ExpressVPN offer best torrent vpn service with imaginable feature as well as fast server speeds and excellent customer support. For these reasons we’ve selected them as one of the top choices when signing up for VPN services.


Though ExpressVPN tweaked their service to near perfection in all categories, it is clear that they dedicated additional time to their features list (and security – more about that below). One of many examples of this is that you will often hear many VPN users complain about the speed from their desktops. Not only does ExpressVPN impress here, but they have excelled in mobile usage too, which is no easy feat. In addition to being surprisingly mobile efficient, ExpressVPN is iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Tablet, Nokia and Windows Mobile compatible. For non-mobile, the ExpressVPN software is Windows, Mac, Linux, Flinux, Ulinux, Unix, Symbian and Maemo compatible.

Plans & Pricing

The Expressvpn website offers three attractive and affordable pricing plans that cover the needs of all different types of customers. The longer plans offer bigger discounts and fringes as compared to the basic plan. The names of three plans are given below:



ExpressVPN is arguably one of the fastest VPN services. They have fully optimized their network which provides their customers with blazing fast speeds and truly unlimited bandwidth. What does this mean though? Many providers you will limit your bandwidth, so even if you have 100Mb/s internet speed at home, you will not reach those speeds. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, allows you to reach your speed potential and does not cap you what-so-ever. It does not matter where in the world you are stationed; you will see optimal results depending on the internet speed you are using.


ExpressVPN clearly understands that a business goes as far as the quality of its customer support. They not only offer phone and e-mail support, but live chat as well. We are extremely fond of live chat, and this definitely played a role in ExpressVPN’s overall ranking. While support response vary, we did not wait longer than 5 minutes for a representative via live chat which seems to operate 24/7. Moreover, support times are not mentioned on their website but it seems that the times revolve around U.S. PST (Pacific Standard Time). As for e-mail, ExpressVPN makes it very clear that you will not wait longer than 24 hours for a reply. The support reps are very knowledgeable about their software, so any issue you may have will be taken care of professionally and efficiently. All live chats are logged as well which could be helpful with any questions you may have in the future.

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