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Overall Rating PureVPN has been delivering quality service to their customers. Their primary goal is to provide the best VPN connection service in the industry.

Since 2006, PureVPN has been working to preserve Internet freedom and data loss due to censorship and restrictions by helping to bypass those pesky little blocks and filters keeping you from your favourite programmes.
From modest beginnings, PureVPN developed a stable of hundrets of servers in 101 countries, namely: Australia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Panama, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK, the Ukraine, the USA and a lot more.

PureVPN is a popular Hong Kong based VPN service provider that supplies customers across 6 continents with over 80,000 IP addresses that they can use to safely connect to the internet and access their favorite websites and online applications via 450+ VPN servers worldwide.

The company started out when GZ systems experimented on the features and capability of a personal VPN service in November 2006. Their objective was to unblock restricted websites on certain locations where internet censorship was implemented.

Due to the resounding success of all tests conducted during the experiment, PureVPN was established in 2007 by its founder Uzair Gadit. They were the first company to offer personal VPN service to the public (according to their website).

Since 2006, PureVPN has been delivering quality service to their customers. Their primary goal is to provide the best VPN connection service in the industry.

Pricing & Plan

The Purevpn website offers three attractive and affordable pricing plans that cover the needs of all different types of customers. The longer plans offer bigger discounts and fringes as compared to the basic plan. The names of three plans are given below:

Features of Purevpn:

  • Easy to use applications

  • The PureVPN dialer provides users with an easy to use application to connect and access all VPN servers with just one click of the mouse. It also offers an auto-detect feature that lets you connect to the fastest available server in your location. The PureVPN application is strategically designed, so that all the essential functions needed to connect to your VPN service are readily available and can be easily accessed.

  • Multiple device access

  • PureVPN allows best and cheap torrenting vpn with P2P (filesharing) in their VPN service. However, it is limited to the following servers: Russia, Romania, Brunei, Sweden, Turkish, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany.

  • Military Grade Encryption Protocol

  • PureVPN can setup SSTP (256-bit encryption), PPTP (128-bit encryption) and L2TP/IPSEC (128-bit and 256-bit encryption) for its users. Unfortunately, PureVPN does not currently support the popular OpenVPN protocol. However, they are conducting OpenVPN in Beta test and will probably include the protocol in the future.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Switches

  • PureVPN provides users with unlimited bandwidth usage and server switches, so you can browse through all your favorite websites, watch movies and play online games as much as you want. However, users are subject to PureVPN fair usage policies. There is a 200 sessions per day max usage limit.

  • 3 days money back guarantee

  • PureVPN provides users the option to refund their payment within 3 days from the order date. Unfortunately, there are conditions that must be met before any customer can avail the refund.

  • 24/7 Customer support

  • PureVPN provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week customer support service to its customers. Users can contact PureVPN support via support ticket system and live chat.


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