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Overall Rating nVPN is a trusted vpn service who offer services in a affordable price than other VPN providers and ensure the guranteed online privcay and security.

www.nVPN.net objective is to provide a private and secure internet connection or using any public network. Tunneling method is used to obtain security which is based on transferring the data and breaking it into smaller encrypted packets continuously sent through the created virtual tunnel.

By using nVpn.net you can encrypt your data by being anonymous during online activities. You can always do safe browsing or any other kind of activity such as downloading images, exchanging confidential information, making online transaction, running a business or email writing or keeping a blog all can be done without the fear of being stolen.

nVpn is operated by a group of 4 individuals who are spread over the eastern-europe region and the company structure is located offshore in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Offer Wide Range Of Protocols:

nVPN offers a wide variety of different protocols, 5 to be precise which are OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec (IKEv1) + (IKEv2), Squid and Socks5 Proxy, optionally has sTunnel installed on all servers in order to encrypt the proxy traffic as well through SSL.

Some other useful features to name are Anti-DPI solution in the form of hiding OpenVPN signature through a sTunnel, or the famous XOR'patch to aggravate traffic blocks in restricted regimes like China, iran and so forth.

Offer Shared & Dedicated IP:

You can choose from Shared-static, Dedicated (or even Dynamic IPs that are changing by every re-connect attempt).

Port forwarding for UDP/TCP (successfully tested even on lower system ports in the 1-1024 range).

Offer 256 Bit Military Grade Level Encryption:

The used OpenVPN encryption cipher can be considered as a modern standard and is as follows 256 Bit AES-CBC / SHA512 / 2048-RSA Certificate, for the speed enthusiasts nVpn has performance optimised configurations in form of 128 Bit Blowfish-CBC / SHA1 / 1024-RSA Certificate as well, from own experience my personal word of advice would be to rather use L2TP/IPsec over OpenVPN, or even better to set either one of the proxies directly in the uTorrent client itself, which were ultra-fast torrent vpn during some download test.

Support All The Major Leading Devices:

Due to the many protocols implemented, it is easy to setup the VPN in your mobile phone regardless whether it be android or iOS too, from own experience IKEv2 protocol was performing smoothly on an android test device.

Within the next 2-5 weeks nVpn is planning to release their own customized client that contains all features from the website integrated in this client (coded in JavaFX and therefore compatible on all OSes like Windows, Linux and Mac OS) which makes visiting the website obsolete and not needed anymore, we are exciting to see this idea in the reality.

Reasonable Price Packages:

By default with the small packages that are ranging between 6-8$ / month there is only 1x free country switch included, though you can buy all 44 countries + 2329 IPs for 10$/ month extra inside the members area.

nVPN Pricing

Speed Test:

The reached performance was dependent from the type of protocol, with L2TP/IPsec in both variants we've seen around 90% compared to my original connection, though the proxies were even faster and you would not notice any difference between the original connection, which makes good sense seeing how the proxies are by default unencrypted raw traffic, so long until you use their "sTunnel" feature" which adds SSL tunnel to the proxies.

During tests the server switches worked flawlessly and quick, one click and i could connect to another location, no config changes or similar had to be done, only a re-connect was required and the IP has changed to the assigned country.

Once paid for the unlimited server switch feature the included amount of IPs with of more than 2329 IPs at the time of this writing is pretty impressive and the selection of exotic server locations we find appealing, just to name a few: Mexico, Panama, Kosovo, Albania, Kazakhstan, Norway, Belgium.

Accept Wide Range Of Payment Methods:

nVPN offers wide range of attractive payment methods we found were outstanding, the following payment methods are accepted Paypal, Skrill, Webmoney, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payza, Paysafecard and Amazon giftcodes.

No Log Policy:

nVPN is a proven no log VPN provider that keeps no data, all protocols on all servers use an identical no-log setup and therefore generate no harmful output of any connections. You can feel free to use nVPN connection to secure your online privacy.

24/7 Customer Support:

Customer Support - nVpn's support happened on a technical, but always a very comfortably personal note too. the responses could range from just a few minutes to hours, but every issue and question was has been solved, not to mention that their knowledgebase located at https://support.nvpn.net/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List is really helpful and contains alot of articles that helps during debugging potential issues and even more tips on how to further anonymize the setup.

Final Thoughts About Highly Secured nVPN Service:

nVpn's main customer base (seems to be) mainly based on word-of-recommendations, which we find a very attractive approach.

nVpn is a trusted VPN service and often gets recommended in the let's say 'more dark than bright corners' of the internet (not implying that those are the main customer clientele) and are in the business since the year 2010, so not a newcomer and it appears they came to stay. Based on its recent statistics we reviewed with fastvpnservice.com.


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