A proxy is a third party between the person (or computer) that is attempting to access a website and the site’s server. For now, consider a proxy as a bypass route between a straight line which is the connection from your computer and the web site. By using a proxy outside the network your computer is on, many content and website filters can be bypassed permitting unrestricted website surfing.

Using web proxies is one of the easiest ways of unblocking website; however, they do require some research on the part of the end-user. While it is relatively easy to find a proxy that is functional, they can also pose a security risk to the web surfer. Because a proxy works like a bypass, any traffic that’s traveling between your computer and the website you’re visiting goes over the proxy. As a result, the owner or manager of the proxy website can capture or save all of the information sent or received over the proxy. While most proxy owners likely do not partake in this activity, caution is advised when sending any information that the user wants to keep private. A nefarious proxy owner is not the only risk in this case; however, as rogue hackers could also take advantage of known security flaws in proxy scripts to hack a proxy website in order to steal the information of the site’s visitors.

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