Everything’s bigger in America, including the amount of films and TV shows on Netflix

There’s no doubt about it, Netflix is the leader in streaming video services. It’s got one of the largest collections of movies and TV shows of any service. And while it’s adding to the number of movies and TV shows it offers every month there’s one thing that’s certain: Netflix’s offerings in the UK pale in comparison to what the folks in the US have.

Netflix Takes Chunk Out of BitTorrent Traffic!

“A new analysis of Internet data indicates that Netflix now accounts for 36.5% of Internet traffic in North America during peak usage hours,” reports BroadBand. “According to the latest Sandvine breakdown of user behavior, the sharp climb in Netflix usage continues to coincide, rather un-coincidentally, with a notable drop in BitTorrent traffic. BitTorrent now accounts for 6.3% of total traffic in North America, and 8.5% in Latin America, notes the hardware vendor. if you are interested to know who supports and provide torrent services then you can have a look at the best 5 torrent vpn providers here.”

Many times my brother, who lives in the US, will call me up to tell me I just have to watch this movie he just saw on Netflix, only for me to find out it’s not available in the UK.

So why is this the case? Is there a reason, or does Netflix just not like the UK very much? According to Joris Evers, the Director of Netflix Corporate Communications “Programming on Netflix is different from region to region because of how TV shows & movies are licensed." Evers added that the programmes Netflix chooses to purchase are based on detailed research on what subscribers in certain regions love to watch. Great. But surely there's plenty of demand for The Walking Dead in the UK? Or is that just me? Either way – it matters not, dear reader, because you – yes, you! – can get US Netflix right here in the UK. Here's how it's done.

But before we get into the esoteric world of VPNs and just how much better American TV shows are, a quick update on Netflix’s UK pricing. Netflix has just issued its first UK price hike. Subscriptions to the service now cost £1 extra, or £6.99 a month. That’s the bad news. The good news is the price hike won’t hit existing customers for two years, which is great news. Or, as Alan Partridge would say: “Jackanackanory!”

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