HideMyAss Review

Overall Summary Of The HMA Review

Overall Summary Of The HMA Review









          Customer Service



            • 30 days money back guarantee
            • Largest 860+ VPN server network
            • 116850+ IP addresses which gives you the unique IP
            • Servers such as PPTP, l2TP, OpenVPN, Protocol
            • Military grade encryption from 126bit to 256bit encryption which is helpful to send your data in the packet


            • No free trial availaible



            HideMyass is very experienced and professional among all VPN services, HideMyAss in theVPN industry since 2005 and it becomes the No.1 world’s leading VPN Company with its consistent VPN performance. It is leading with the maximum 860+ country servers around the world in more than 190 countries. HideMyAss is well known for its heavy duty custom VPN software which is pretty easy to use as well as HideMyass supports major leading devices such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and others. HideMyAss offers competitive price packages which is affordable for everyone.if you are concerned with online privacy and internet freedom then HideMyAss is the ultimate solution for you.

            HideMyAss Pricing and Plan

            HideMyass offers three different packages 1 month, 6 month and 12 months like other VPN providers, HideMyAss packages prices are slightly higher than other VPN providers as we discussed earlier their services is much better than all other VPN providers existing in the VPN market but recently they reduced their prices for 2015 summer sales which is valid for limited time.

            Now you can avail the 1 month plan in 9.99$ price, 6 month Plan 6.99$ and yearly plan in 4.99$, in short words it’s a mega offer given by HideMyass, if you choose any plan so you can change them anytime additionally, if you are new user and subscribe HideMyass you have an option for 30 days money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with their services you can get the refund within 30 days money back guarantee offer.


            Let’s Go Through In Detail About HideMyAss Features

            As we mentioned earlier HideMyass is well known for its consistent amazing VPN performance additionally HideMyass is popular with its largest 860+ VPN server network which is continuously expanding everyday recently HideMyAss is acquired by a well-known company AVG so if you are concern about online privacy too then HideMyAss become the powerful source to secure your online privacy in the internet world as it is get the doubled layer of protection.

            HideMyAss Servers

            HideMyAss is leading with 860+ VPN server around in 310 locations in 190 countries, HideMyAss offers around 116850+ IP addresses which gives you the unique IP when connected your desired country server, If you are interested to know their server network simply visit HideMyAss website and click on tools and content option under this option you will find the option server network click on this option and see the entire server network list Provided by HideMyAss.

            HideMyAss Worldwide Servers Network Location

            HideMyAss has largest server network in the North America 409+ server with unique 53305 IPs, Secondly, Europe with 299 Servers around in 40723 IPs, on third, it has 68 server with 10772 IPs in Asia region, on fourth position, Oceana 26 server with 3583 IPs, on Fifth position, central America 6 server with 806 unique IPs, on sixth position, South America 14 server with 1680 IPs, and lastly 58 server with 6902 IPs in south Africa region. HideMyass is keep expanding their server network to give their user the best ever experience with their service.


            HideMyAss Security Levels

            Most important element is, HideMyAss support major protocol on all these servers such as PPTP, l2TP, OpenVPN, Protocol is helpful in your security layer if you are not much concerned about your online privacy PPTP is the right option for you but if you are highly concerned about your privacy then L2TP and OpenVPN gives you the doubled layer of protection. It also provides you the military grade encryption from 126bit to 256bit encryption which is helpful to send your data in the packet form if any of your competitors or any hacker who wants to hack your personal information after getting the encryption option turn your data is useless for them as it shows them simple binary numbers which makes no sense for them.Other than all, it saves you from phishers, Cyber-attacks, agency level surveillance.

            HideMyAss Android App

            If you are looking HideMyass service for your mobile device then you can download the HideMyAss App from the Google play store its quite easy to download and easy to run, if you are wondering how heavy app it is? Don’t worry this app don’t take your mobile space more than 8.9 MB.

            It is well supported and runs all its function on Android versions over 4.0 or up. This app provides you the same features as it is provided in your desktop VPN Software , you can simply select your desired VPN country sever and start streaming your favorites site from anywhere in the world.

            Overall their app is pretty easy to use and it will take your few minutes to understand about App functions and features, but still if you are facing any issue you can simply go to app given option contact customer support simply tap on customer support and share the problem and get the instant solution.

            HideMyAss App gives you the power to secure your information from any location either you are sitting at home with your personal PC or at office or at public place HideMyAss always ready to help you to protect your data on every single device and gives you the restriction free environment to safely browse the favorite website information as well as provides the protected shield to secure your data from hackers and phisher attacks.


            HideMyAss Customer Support

            HideMyAss offer very friendly and guaranteed 24/7 customer support to their worldwide users, HidemyAss has well maintained FAQs section where you can find lots of already given answers on different categories such as General, Technical, Billing and others , Moreover, HideMyass has very active community if you are interested to post anything you can post your topic on their community people around the world will answer your question or discuss related to your topic which is helpful for you to find the various different answers/opinion from across the globe.

            HideMyAss Secure Payment Methods

            HideMyAss offers wide range of payment method for their users to make transaction safely from worldwide and the following payment methods are supported by HideMyAss.

            • Credit Card
            • Master Card
            • Paypal
            • Bank wire
            • Bitcoin

            By default on credit card, master card and on PayPal it marks your payment to auto-renew if you are not interested in auto-renew option so while making the payment or after completed the payment go to in billing setting and change the auto-renew check mark to uncheck.

            HideMyAss Free Trial

            Unfortunately hideMyAss don’t offer any free trial, you have to choose any one package monthly, semiannually or yearly and make the payment accordingly but in the 30 days’ time if you ever feel dissatisfaction from HideMyAss services you can cancel your subscription anytime and get the refund within 30 days period time. HideMyAss offer 30 day money back guarantee that shows they trust on their services and they know very well their services would be above the expectation from the users that is why HideMyAss offered this money a single month money back guarantee.

            HideMyass Compatible Devices

            HideMyAss is supported major leading devices such as it is supported Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry and DDWRT routers.

            HideMyAss service configuration on the router could be little complicated so it is better find the instruction related to specific router on the Customer support FAQs section and watch the video tutorials provided by HideMyAss experts.

            HideMyAss offer lots of great tutorials on different devices as mentioned their names earlier it includes: windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and different DDWRT Routers.

            HideMyAss Extra Free Features

            Other than HideMyAss ProVPN , these are the following free services are provided by the HideMyAss:

            Web Proxy

            This is free server offered by HideMyAss many people who want to access the restricted content they use HideMyAss web proxies and access the blocked content. And it is also another way to market its VPN service.

            Anonymous Email

            HideMyAss offer a feature, you can send an email to anyone by using @hammail.com which keeps you anonymous and doesn’t show your identity, you can subscribe and delete the account anytime.

            File Upload

            HideMyAss let you to upload the file with the following restrictions:

            • Upload the file and protect them with a password and share the access that you only want to access the file.
            • Upload the file and add the condition to download set of counts after which the file auto deleted.
            • Upload the file and set the feature to access it with specific region or IP address.

            Final Conclusion

            HideMyAss is the largest VPN network provider and it is well-known for its consistent quality services based on its performance it is listed under the best 5 fastest vpn service providers as well as also listed under the best canada vpn providers and it supports all the major leading devices, offer competitive affordable VPN packages (HMA offer very rare mega discount but Recently HMA introduced mega discount especially on yearly package.) , 24/7 guaranteed customer support with quality best VPN Services ever. HMA is the ultimate solution for your VPN needs.