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Overall Summary of Celo.net Reviews

Overall Summary of Celo.net Reviews









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            • SECURITY 24/7
            • SUPER FAST
            • PEER 2 PEER FRIENDLY


            • LIMITED SERVERS
            • LIMITED FEATURES


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            Company introduction:

            As the leading VPN service provider, CELO provides secure Virtual Private Networks to home users who want the safety and security only a VPN can offer. Our name comes from the Latin, to hide, conceal or keep secret and that is what our service promises completely safe and secure connection free from the prying eyes of ISP’s, hackers and government agencies.

            Serving clients around the world, CELO focuses on being a client centric company dedicated to our clients’ needs. Our mission is to provide the safe, reliable service that our clients need at prices they can afford. We have a highly trained team of experienced professionals who strive to provide a higher level of service and support that our clients can’t get anywhere else and that is what has made us the number one choice for VPN service in the industry

            We believe that the safety and privacy of your systems is important and our team of VPN experts works hard to ensure our service is standing guard over your most important data. If the safety and security of your connection is important to your family, trust the experts at CELO; we are standing by to serve your needs today.


            Product features:

            • Ultra-Fast Servers – 1GB Internet links
            • Free 2 Day Trial
            • 5 Simultaneous VPN Connections Unlock Content From Around The World
            • No Logs 256bit AES Encryption
            • Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Switches
            • Multiple VPN Protocols Supported – OpenVPN, LT2P/IPSec and SSTP
            • All Mobile Devices & OS’s Supported
            • Peer to Peer Friendly Servers
            • Free SOCKS5 Proxy Servers
            • Free DDOS Protection
            • Two-Factor Account Authentication
            • Instant Account Setup


            Pricing plan:

            • Free 2 Day Trial – Test our service before you sign up
            • 1 Month – $8.90usd
            • 3 Months – $23.70usd ($7.90 p/m)
            • 6 Months – $42usd ($7 p/m)
            • 1 Year – $70usd ($.583 p/m)

            celo pricing plan


            Supported devices:

            • iOS (iPhone)
            • Android (All Versions & Brands)
            • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
            • Windows Server 2008/2012
            • MAX OSX
            • Linux
            • Home Routers *OpenVPN Compatible Only*


            Payment methods:

            • Credit Card
            • Paypal
            • Paypal Express
            • Bitcoin


            2 days free trial:

            We offer a 2 Day Free Unlimited Trial from the time you sign up.  After this period your account is terminated.


            Server and Speed Test

            We also conducted speed test on different servers with and without using vpn and the results are as below:

            Not connected to VPN

            1. Sydney

            We conducted speed test without vpn in different locations. The download speed when connected to server in Sydney was 32.18 Mb/s and upload speed was 17.24 Mb/s. Furthermore, ping was 19ms.

            sydney server

            Source: AU <> AU — http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5037876090

            1. Los Angeles

            When connected to a server in LA, the speed test showed different results. The download speed when connected to server in LA was 14.34 Mb/s and upload speed was 13.42 Mb/s. Furthermore, ping was 205ms.

            los angeles server

            Source: AU <> Los Angeles — http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5037879316

            1. Amsterdam

            When connected to a server in Amsterdam, the speed test showed different results. . The download speed when connected to server in LA was 13.84 Mb/s and upload speed was 11.85 Mb/s. Furthermore, ping was 352ms.

            amsterdam review

            Source: AU <> Amsterdam — http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5037885113

            Connected to US VPN server

            When connected to vpn there was a huge difference in the speed in comparison to without vpn.  The download speed when connected to server in LA was 41 Mb/s and upload speed was 13.07 Mb/s. Furthermore, ping was 234ms.

            connected with us server

            Source: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5037903563 

            Connected To NL VPN Server

            When connected to a vpn server in Amsterdam, The download speed when connected to server in Amsterdam was 20.43 Mb/s and upload speed was 14.44 Mb/s. Furthermore, ping was 357ms.

            connected with NL server

            Source: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5037914779

            Customer Support:

            CELO offers extremely user-friendly detailed knowledgebase articles about all our services.  We have a LiveChat System in place and users can log a support ticket through the client area on our website.


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