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Fastvpnservice.com is a review website which provides unbiased vpn reviews for its users. There is no role of sponsors for effecting the rankings and listings.

Publishing Standards

We have conducted extensive research methodology comprising of unbiased, broad and well thought news, articles, reviews and blog posts. We make sure that users are familiar about all the offerings we provide from the beginning.

This approach has been praised by many vpn users and other people who are related to this field and are concerned about online anonymity and privacy.

We have an instant feedback system to support our visitors and users. Any queries and questions are answered by our experts whether through email or comment board.

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We also offer vouchers, free accounts and vpn coupons to visitors. These giveaways are a property of other vpn providers and we are not responsible for their service in any case.

Before making a purchase decisions please thoroughly read the providers review as the ads displayed on the website are not recommended by us.

Criteria for Rating

There are several factors for rating criteria of vpn providers on our website which are based on support protocols, provider’s history and pricing, customer service, software and speed. It takes four to five days to update a review as it is checked for thorough content accuracy and is inspected before its publication.

With the passage of time there is an increase in the number of visitors and our site is becoming a leading review site on the web. So stay connected for updates.

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